Digital asset management (DAM) teams often need to produce images with specific characteristics and attributes to fit in defined media spaces, such as websites and print ads. With Automated Image Renditions, Admins can define image rendition options that Vault can automatically generate for certain file types. The ability to provide images in a defined size, quality, format, and colorspace removes manual effort needed to create these specific image formats.

For example, an Admin could define an Automated Image Rendition for PNG files and assign that rendition type to the Material document type. When a user uploads a source document in PNG format and classify the document as Material, Vault automatically generates an Automated Image Rendition for the file that meets the Admin-configured specifications.

Uploading Files

When you upload your source file, Vault asynchronously generates an Automated Image Rendition, meaning there may be a delay before you see the rendition in the Renditions panel on the Doc Info page. Vault also generates the viewable rendition as usual. You’ll receive a notification if Vault fails to create an Automated Image Rendition for a supported file format.

Source files must have an Automated Image Rendition type defined for that file format, and that rendition type must be applied to the document type you selected when classifying your document.

Unsupported File Formats

Vault does not support the following source document file formats for Automated Image Renditions:

  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Animated files
  • Audio files
  • Video files

About the UUID

When generating Automated Image Renditions, Vault automatically writes a UUID, or a unique identification number, into the document metadata. When you download the Automated Image Rendition, the unique identifier appears in the images XMP metadata within the image file.


The following limitations affect Automated Image Renditions:

  • You cannot manually create an Automated Image Rendition for a document.
  • You cannot delete an Automated Image Rendition from a document.