Vault Portal is an integral part of Veeva’s digital asset management capabilities and is available as part of the Vault PromoMats and MedComms applications. With Brand Portal, brand managers can curate and share specific content with brand teams in a simplified user interface in PromoMats Vaults. With Medical Portal, medical communications departments can share and work with curated content in MedComms Vaults. Curated content provides users with the most relevant material, and content filters aid users in finding the correct assets. Managing content in Portal helps to promote reuse of existing materials and prevent duplicate work. See the Portal Quick Reference Guide.

For example, VeePharm uses Brand Portal to provide separate interfaces for the CholeCap and WonderDrug brand teams. Gladys, who works on the CholeCap team, can only access in the CholeCap Portal, while Phyllis, who works on both brand teams, can access both Portals.

Portal Data Model

Brand Portal data model

Portal Objects

The Portal feature has the following objects to house data:

  • The Portal object contains all information that relates to the overall Portal and its branding, including the name, description, logo, and UI colors.
  • The Portal Widget object contains data for the various types of widgets that display on the Portal Homepage. These are the default widgets associated to the Portal, and include the maximum number of items to display in each widget. There are nine types of Portal Widgets: Carousel, Featured Items, Most Popular, Recently Added, Coming Soon, Most Active, Most Viewed, Content Filters, and Related Portals.
  • The Portal Widget Content object records link to the Portal Widget object type. These determine in which Portal Widget the assets display on the Portal Homepage. Each object record contains one document.
  • The Announcements Join object allows for Portal managers to a single Announcement across multiple Portals.
  • The Announcements object contains announcements that Portal managers create to share information with Portal users. These objects can relate to one or more Portals through the Announcements Join object.

Portal Features

The Portal feature provides these capabilities specific to managing digital assets for a brand or medical communications department:

  • Portal Editor: The Portal Editor offers a visual and intuitive way for Portal managers to create and edit Portals as they appear for Portal users.
  • Portal Homepage: The Portal Homepage is a user-friendly interface that allows Portal users to access the latest, most important, and most used digital assets for a specific brand.
  • Portal Library: The Portal Library displays all content a user has permission to view within the current Portal. The Portal Library page is a Portal-specific library view that users can only access from within a Portal.
  • Content Filters: Content Filters are saved search views that Portal managers create to help Portal users easily find applicable content, such as logos, videos, or brand guidelines.
  • Announcements: The Announcements page allows Portal managers to easily communicate information to Portal users. Portal managers can share announcements immediately or set them to post at a later date and time.
  • My Portal Tasks Pane: In this pane, users can see all assigned workflow tasks for documents in the Portal.
  • Most Popular Widget: Vault automatically updates the Most Popular widget with the most downloaded material in the Portal.
  • Recently Added Widget: Vault automatically populates the Recently Added widget with the Steady state documents most recently added to the Portal.
  • Coming Soon Widget: Vault automatically populates the Coming Soon widget with documents in the Portal that are in the In Review or Starting state to provide visibility into materials that will soon be approved and available.
  • Most Active Widget: Vault automatically populates the Most Active widget with documents that have the most activity in your Vault and across all Portals, including views, copies, downloads, and rendition downloads.
  • Most Viewed Widget: Vault automatically populates the Most Viewed widget with the most viewed documents in your Vault and across all Portals.
  • Related Portals Widget: Related Portals allows users to associate multiple Portals. When you search while in a Portal, Vault searches content within the current Portal and any related Portals. Content from related Portals is marked as * Related Portal Content.
  • Quick Look Viewer: Users can hover over documents on the Portal Homepage or in the Portal Library and preview document content, audio files, and video files. Users can also quickly download, make a copy, add to Cart, or launch the document viewer.

Portal Access

Portal-only Users

For Portal-only users, a Portal Experience User checkbox is set on the User object record. Portal-only users can only access Portals, and cannot access PromoMats or MedComms Vaults. These users log into Portal directly through the Vault login page. If users have access to multiple Portals, Vault directs them to the All Portals page at login. Clicking a Portal name navigates the user to that Portal.

Portal with PromoMats & MedComms

Vault users with Read permission on the Portal object can access their Brand Portal or Medical Portal through the Portal tab within Vault PromoMats or MedComms. Admins can also open a Portal object record and click View Portal from the Actions menu to open the Portal.