Configuration Mode allows you to lock non-Admin users out of a Vault in order to complete certain configurations. Users with the Vault Owner or System Admin security profile can continue to work in the Vault through the UI and the API. This setting is ideal for deploying configuration migration packages or setting up Dynamic Access Control.

While this setting is on, users see the following message when attempting to log in: “Vault is currently in Configuration Mode. Please contact your administrator for assistance.” Users with access to multiple Vaults can log in if at least one Vault in the domain is not in Configuration Mode. Vaults in Configuration Mode don’t appear in My Vaults.

How to Enable Configuration Mode

To turn on Configuration Mode for a Vault:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select the Configuration Mode Active checkbox.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Vault terminates sessions for any users currently logged in and prevents other users from logging in. Note that this process is not immediate; sessions can take up to five (5) minutes to terminate for UI users after and up to fifteen (15) minutes for API users.

Once you’re finished with the configuration task, you can simply turn the setting off and Vault will allow users to log in. You may see a similar delay when turning off Configuration Mode.

Access to this setting is not tied to a specific security profile permission. The setting is available only to users with the standard Vault Owner or System Admin security profile, and only these users can log in when Configuration Mode is active.