The CRM Publishing tab allows you to trigger the integration sync process between CRM and Vault, which syncs slides and presentations for Engage, Approved Email and CLM integration. This process is separate from the “send” action in CLM and Engage integrations, which happens automatically and ensures that the latest version of content is available on the correct environment.

About the CRM Org Object

The CRM Org object is available in Vaults that use Approved Email, CLM Integration, or Engage Integration. This object supports integration sync actions through the CRM Publishing tab by allowing Vault to identify the correct CRM organization for an action.

When Admins set up a CRM Org, they need to provide:

  • CRM Org ID: This field is required and must correspond to the 18-digit ID in CRM. You’ll need to convert the 15-digit Salesforce ID that you see in the CRM Org. There are many online tools that accomplish this.
  • Integrations: This field indicates which integrations (CLM, Engage, Approved Email) the CRM Org supports. When initiating a sync action, you’ll only be able to select Orgs that support the integration you’re syncing.
  • Type: This setting indicates if the CRM Org is a sandbox/testing or production environment.
  • Include NSS: This setting (Include Non Steady State) does not control any functionality in Vault. Instead, the setting exists to help users select the right CRM Org. If an Admin on the CRM side turns on this setting for the Org, it allows the integration to bring over all documents, not just documents in a steady state, which is appropriate for sandbox environments.

From the CRM Publishing tab, you’ll see a list of CRM Orgs that are set up with Approved Email, CLM, or Engage Integration. This list includes both sandbox and production Orgs. You can trigger the sync process for as many Orgs as needed using a single action.

You cannot select a specific Org unless you have the correct CRM credentials; the Status field will indicate if the credentials are valid or not.

Accessing CRM Publishing

Your security profile must grant the Multichannel Loader permission in order to access the CRM Publishing tab. By default, this permission is only available to users with the System Admin or Vault Owner security profile.

How to Publish to CRM

To initiate a sync process:

  1. Navigate to the CRM Publishing tab.
  2. Select one or more CRM Orgs using the checkboxes.
  3. Click Publish to CRM.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, review your selections and press Publish to CRM to continue.
  5. You’ll receive an email notification when the sync is complete. If you selected multiple CRM Orgs, you receive a separate notification for each Org.

About Sync Limits

Only three (3) integration syncs can be in-progress or queued at once. If you attempt to start a fourth sync from the CRM Publishing tab, Vault will cancel the process and send a notification explaining why. If a user in CRM attempts to start a fourth sync, there won’t be a notification email. Selecting multiple Orgs to sync only counts as one (1) sync process. The limit includes sync processes triggered from inside Vault or from CRM.