When enabled, users in MedComms Vaults can select a reason when copying a document or binder. In the Make a Copy dialog, users can select a value in the Reason for Copy picklist. The selected value appears in the copied document’s Doc Info fields panel.

To enable this feature, navigate to Admin > Settings > Application Settings. Under the Make a Copy section, select the checkbox Enable Reason for Copy. This enables the Reason for Copy shared field. Next, enable original source tracking.

To configure the Reason for Copy field, find the field under Shared Fields in Admin > Configuration > Document Fields and click Edit. In the Picklist values section, enter the values that users can select in the Reason for Copy picklist. You can choose to show an entered reason as the default option by setting the Default checkbox for that value. When you finish entering picklist values, click Save. You can also manage picklist values for this field from the Business Admin > Picklists page.

After you configure the Reason for Copy field, you can add it to any document types for which you want users to select a reason when making a copy. For more information on how to add shared fields to a document type, see Working with Shared Fields.