The Portal Editor is available in all PromoMats/Medical Vaults with the Portal feature enabled.

About the Portal Document Fields

The Portal (portal__v) and Portal Widget (portal_widget__v) shared document fields are required on all document types available for use with your Portal.

If these fields are not already configured in your Vault, navigate to Admin > Configuration > Document Fields and set each field to Active. Next, assign the shared fields to all applicable document types.

Assigning User Permissions

You can grant users access to Portals in two ways:

Portal Users

You can set users as Portal-only users when they only require access to your Portal and do not need additional Vault access or in-depth Vault training. These users only see Portals and have no other access to or permissions in Vault. To set a user as a Portal-only user:

  1. From Business Admin > Objects, navigate to that user’s User object record and click Edit.
  2. Under Details, select Portal Experience User in the Security Profile field.
  3. Click Save.

PromoMats & MedComms Users

To grant PromoMats and MedComms users access to Portals, you must assign them a security profile with the following permissions:

  • Object: Portal: Read
  • Object: Portal Widget: Read
  • Tab: Portal: Read