When configured, Vault sends notifications to PromoMats and MedComms document owners when a parent of one of their documents moves moves into a state with a configured entry action or by a configurable user action. For example, one of your promotional materials, Cholecap UK Campaign 2021, is the child document of Cholecap Campaign 2021, created via the Make a Copy action. Another user starts the SME and Final Executive Approval workflow on the original document. Vault notifies you that the document moved into a non-Steady state, so you may need to update your document once the global parent returns to a Steady state.

Configuring Document Notifications

To use this feature, Admins must add the Send Notification to Based On Documents entry action and/or user action to any applicable lifecycles and workflows.

Notification Message

To edit the notification Vault sends, navigate to Admin > Configuration > Document Messages, edit the message, and click Save.

User Actions

Unlike the entry action, users must manually perform the Send Notification to Based On Documents user action. You may configure both a user action and an entry action to ensure others are still notified if the user does not perform the user action.