Events Management Integration with CLM Integration allows you to create and edit multichannel presentations for specific events in Vault. Setup involves creating multichannel presentations and determining which presentations will be available for particular events. You can add event types, event topics, and event content to multichannel presentations.

The Events Management Integration is available in all Vaults licensed for the Multichannel app.

Event Topic Object

Vault includes the Event Topic object (crm_event_topic__v). Records in this object represent topics or titles of events. By associating Event Topic records with Multichannel Presentation binders, you can make the presentations available in CRM.

Document Fields

The following fields are available on the Multichannel Presentation document type:

  • Event Type: Lets you specify which event types apply to a multichannel presentation.
  • Event Topic: Lets select event topics that can apply to the multichannel presentation.
  • CRM Content Channel: Indicates if the content is for an Event, a CLM Presentation, or both.
  • Audience: Indicates the target audience for Events Management templates.

You can also manually add the following fields to applicable document types:

  • CRM EM Catalog Type: Lets you specify if the document is an Event Speaker Contract Template, Print Invitation Template, Print Sign-In Template, or a Speaker Presentation.
  • CRM EM Presentation Type: Lets you specify if a Speaker Presentation is Locked or Unlocked.
  • CRM Manually Assigned Content Template: Indicates one or more CRM Message Templates available to CRM users when sending presentations as web links. For more information, see the CRM Documentation.