Message templates enable reps in CRM to quickly select an approved message when sharing web links with HCPs.

Message templates are stored as CRM Message Template (crm_message_template__v) object records in Vault. There are two object types available:

  • Manual Assign Content Template (manual_assign_content_template__v): Creates message templates that can be assigned to specific documents or binders.
  • Universal Content Template (universal_content_template__v): Creates message templates that are available for any document or binder.

An Admin must complete the following configuration steps in Vault:

  1. Grant Business Admins Create and Edit permission on both CRM Message Template object types.
  2. Grant Business Admins Edit permission on the Country (country__v), Language (language__v), and Text (text__v) fields on the CRM Message Template object.
  3. Ensure the CRM Message Template lifecycle is set to Active.
  4. Add the CRM Manually Assigned Content Template shared field to the Multichannel Presentation document type.

Learn more about Using Message Templates When Sending Web Links in Veeva CRM Help.