Often when uploading an Adobe InDesign package document to Vault, you may need to upload package components as associated documents and link them to your InDesign package source file, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome. When InDesign component auto-linking is enabled, Vault automatically creates documents for each component in your InDesign package Links directory and links them to your InDesign package source file.

About InDesign Auto-Linking

Enabling this feature automatically adds the following configuration elements:

  • InDesign Component document type
  • Linked Document document relationship type; this relationship is both source and target version-specific
  • InDesign Auto-Linked Component document lifecycle

Uploading an InDesign Package

When you upload an InDesign package ZIP file, Vault automatically:

  • Generates a viewable rendition.
  • Examines content in the InDesign Package Links directory, matches content to existing Vault documents (via checksum), and creates or updates documents and document relationships. See details below.
  • Sends a notification to the InDesign package document Owner outlining the new InDesign Component documents created; if there are no InDesign Component documents created, Vault does not send a notification.

Automatically-linked documents appear in the Auto-Linked Documents section on the Doc Info page of your InDesign package file. You cannot manually add documents in this section.

Auto-Linked Document Matching

When you upload your InDesign package, Vault verifies the documents in the Links directory (via checksum) and compares content to existing documents in Vault.

When a document in the Links directory already exists in your Vault, Vault creates a relationship between the component document and your InDesign package source file via the Auto-Linked document relationship. Note that Vault links to the latest Steady state version of the oldest matching document in your Vault.

If a document in the Links directory does not exist in your Vault, Vault automatically creates a new document of type InDesign Component and links to it your InDesign package source file via the Auto-Linked document relationship.

Re-rendering InDesign Packages

When you re-render an auto-linked InDesign package or upload a new version, Vault automatically replaces or updates existing linked components and adds any new links that may exist in the package.

Note that Vault does not send notifications when a package is re-rendered. You may receive a notification when uploading a new version if Vault creates new InDesign Component documents.

Working with Component Documents

Editing Component Documents

Vault only fills in the Name field when creating InDesign Component documents from an InDesign package file. You can then edit document metadata to fill in additional information. You can also approve these documents to a Steady state.

Using Sharing Settings to Filter Content

Sometimes, InDesign packages contain components that users don’t need to see or work with in Vault. Librarians can use security settings in the InDesign Auto-Linked Component lifecycle to hide InDesign Component documents from view. For example, when InDesign Component documents are in the Obsolete lifecycle state, a Librarian could remove View Document and View Content permission from users in the Viewer and Consumer roles to ensure that those users don’t see those documents.

Reporting on Auto-Linked Relationships

You can report on Auto-Linked document relationships. Create a report of type Source Document with Target Document and add a filter of Relationship > Type equals Auto-Linked.

Note that this report type is automatically available when Admins enable this feature in new PromoMats and MedComms Vaults.

Admin: How to Enable InDesign Auto-Linking

Contact Veeva Support to enable this feature in PromoMats and MedComms Vaults. If needed, you can contact your Customer Success Manager to update the workflow for the InDesign Auto-Linked Component document lifecycle.

In new PromoMats and MedComms Vaults, Admins can enable this feature via the Enable InDesign Auto Linking checkbox on the Admin > Settings > Application Settings page.