Vault provides easy-to-use functionality for copying a multichannel presentation binder, its slide documents, its sub-presentations, and its shared resources from one Vault to another. This feature is sometimes called Vault to Vault Migration.

How to Copy to Another Vault

To copy a multichannel presentation to another Vault:

  1. Open the Doc Info page for your multichannel presentation binder.
  2. Select Copy to Another Vault from the document Actions menu.
  3. Wait for the validation process to complete.
  4. In the Target Vault URL field, enter the URL of the Vault to which you are copying the presentation.
  5. In the User Name and Password fields, enter login information for the target Vault. Copy to Another Vault does not support Single Sign On (SSO).
  6. Optional: Set the Select Target Presentation checkbox. Once selected, Vault retrieves a list of presentations from the target Vault that you can access in the target Vault. From the Target Presentation drop-down list, specify a presentation that you wish to copy content to.
  7. Click Validate to open the summary page.
  8. Click Copy.

When the copy action is complete, you receive an email notification. The Source Vault Link document field lets users in the target Vault see where copied documents originated.

Select Target Presentation

When you set the Select Target Presentation checkbox, Vault allows you to select a specific presentation in the target Vault to copy created content to. This is useful for copying content to a presentation that’s already related to a storyboard. Note that when using this feature, Vault does not migrate the Multichannel Presentation binder and all its fields, but only migrates the slides.


After you initiate the Copy to Another Vault action, Vault first validates the source presentation to ensure that it meets a set of requirements for copying, for example, that all referenced objects have an External ID specified. Once validated, you must provide login information for the Vault to which you are copying. Copy to Another Vault does not support Single Sign On (SSO).

To pass validation:

  • The presentation must have the Multichannel Presentation or Presentation document type.
  • Documents in the presentation must have the Multichannel Slide or Slide document type.
  • Objects and object records referenced in the presentation must exist in both the source and target Vaults and have identical External ID values. Note that for the Country field, Vault uses the value from the Abbreviation field rather than External ID.
  • Fields marked as required in the target Vault cannot be blank for the original binders and documents.
  • Filenames cannot include special characters (=, #. ?, etc.).

If validation fails, Vault displays the list of errors that must be corrected. See your Admin to correct any errors. You cannot complete the process until all errors have been fixed.


After validation, Vault displays a summary page to confirm all proposed changes to the target Vault and allows you to identify the documents that the action will create or version.

Copy to Another Vault Details

When you use Copy to Another Vault, there are some items that Vault copies and some that are auto-generated in the target Vault. There are some items that are not included at all.

Copied Elements

This action copies the following items from the source Vault to the target Vault:

  • Multichannel presentation binder (except when selecting a Target Presentation)
  • All slide documents within the presentation
  • All Related Sub Presentation binders and Related Shared Resource documents

If the multichannel presentation or its contents already exist in the target Vault, this action automatically versions them and puts them into the lifecycle’s Starting state.

Auto-Generated Elements

When complete, Vault automatically generates these items in the target Vault, rather than copying from the source Vault:

  • Viewable Renditions
  • Veeva Distribution Packages
  • CLM Video Distribution Packages

Elements Not Included

The Copy to Another Vault action does not copy or generate the following elements:

  • Document attachments
  • CrossLink documents
  • Custom Relationships
  • Product Group relationships (from CRM Vault Metadata Sync)

CRM Metadata Sync

Note the following when using CRM Metadata Sync:

  • Vault only copies both CRM Product and CRM Detail Group objects if the CRM Org, CRM ID, and External ID match between the source and target Vaults.
  • If the Survey and Directory object records in the source Vault do not have the CRM Org and CRM ID fields populated, those fields cannot be populated in the target Vault. In this instance, Vault will only need to have the External ID populated.

To successfully copy a Multichannel Presentation binder to another Vault, you must have a login on the target Vault. On the target Vault, you need the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Document Type (Multichannel Presentation) Create Binder Ability to create a Multichannel Presentation binder using the Multichannel Loader
Document Type (Multichannel Slide) Create Document Ability to create a Multichannel Slide document using the Multichannel Loader
Document Role Edit Fields Ability to update document field values or renditions for an existing document or binder
Document Role Edit Document Ability to update the ZIP file on an existing document
Document Role Version Ability to version an existing document or binder, which occurs automatically when you update via the Multichannel Loader
Document Role Start Workflow Ability to use the Create Presentation action on a document (if Atomic Security for Documents: Active Workflow Actions is not enabled)
Document Role Multi-Channel Actions Ability to use the Create Presentation action on a document (if Atomic Security for Documents: Active Workflow Actions is enabled)

On the source Vault, you need the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Document Role (Multichannel Presentation) View Document Ability to access the Multichannel Presentation binder in the source Vault
Document Role (Multichannel Slides) Download Source Ability to copy the source file for each Multichannel Slide document to the target Vault